Rayo Online Website Builder is A Dream Come True

About Rayo Website Builder

Today, companies are trying to share and introduce the organizational workflow, their products and services through a unique website.

Rayo is a product of the Faradade Rayaneh Sorena which is working with some professional analysts, skilled programmers and creative graphic designers since 2015. This software helps users to create their desired websites in a very user-friendly environment without the need of technical and programming knowledge. Rayo is a professional website builder and developer that doesn't need any web or technical knowledge in order to work with. That is to say, anyone with any amount of information can build a website or online store and it is possible to spend 2 months on designing and creating content for free. Once the editing is complete, the user can connect their web storefront to the main domain and take advantage of having a website or store builder to attract customers.

Rayo Website


Special Features of Rayo Online Store & Website Builder

Full List of Rayo’s Features


Unlimited web hosting

Hosting is one of the biggest concerns after buying a domain. Keeping this in mind, Rayo has made it easy for applicants to build a site and provide unlimited web hosting and bandwidth. Obviously, that is one of the main features which differentiates the Rayo website builder from other existing competitors encouraging the client to build his own website.


E-commerce Builder

Rayo is not just a website builder. You can also use Rayo to easily build an online store and offer your products or services. The online store builder has some features such as:

Providing invoice/ pre-payment invoice, connectivity to bank portals, chance to view online store statistics, chance to view list of users, managing orders and more.


Multilingual Website

International businesses require a multilingual or at least a bilingual website. For this purpose, Rayo makes it possible to build a website or online shop in French, Turkish, Arabic, English, German and Persian.


Two Months on Trial

Rayo is active on the subdomain for two months on the trail. This time is a good opportunity to choose the right format and content for your business. Once the editing is complete, you can move the site to the main domain. Of course, Rayo provides new users with a .ir domain for free.


Software Updates

Native software delivery by Faradade Rayaneh Sorena enables you to constantly enjoy the new and exciting features of the online Rayo website builder. Customer satisfaction is our main goal; therefore, constant updating of the software shows the unceasing effort of the Faradade software team that has always striven to build loyalty and gain customer trust.


Time Saving

Design your internet showcase in the shortest time possible! Rayo helps you build your site in the shortest time and lowest cost. The videos and tutorials available on the Rayo will guide and help users get their site up and running as smoothly as possible.


Specialized Features

Editing content, images, and menu relocation are among the features that are available on the Rayo website builder software. In some of the free sections of this site, the features like Drag & Drop elements and website details are also available. Specialized features of Rayo, give you the opportunity to experience the professional site design.



The user-friendly interface of the Rayo Website Builder software allows to create and manage the website without any technical conflict. Rayo's team has tried to incorporate website content management into its site-building software and make it as easy as possible for users. This way, people who have never had the experience of building a website will also be interested in creating it.