Farapayamak is The First & The Most Powerful SMS Panel in Iran

A Few Words About Farapayamak

Farapayamak is the first software product of the knowledge-based Company of Faradade which started its activity in 2007. You may have already received promotional texts and services, public and organizational notifications on your mobile phone; It is best to know that if you consider yourself as one of the brightest businesses in your field and you are thinking of a better and differentiated service, you can expand the type of communication with your customers through this SMS panel. Using the latest coding methods, Farapayamak has developed and implemented a powerful web-based panel using various design features.

Farapayamak Website

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Farapayamak for Users

This user panel allows you to log into your personal system environment using the username and password you received while registering and enjoy the many different possibilities of sending and receiving SMS.

The User Panel’s Prices

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Farapayamak for resellers

Farapayamk’s reseller panel helps you to build and sell similar panels by providing a variety of management environments and access points. Resellers may launch a separate and profitable business, using a dedicated domain in a personalized and rebranded manner.

The Reseller Prices 

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SMS System Resource

The dedicated SMS resource of Farapayamak is enabling large organizations and companies to launch their own SMS service on their personal and organizational servers and encourage them to manage different links from operators directly on their system and the database.

SMS System Resource Prices

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Charity Texting Panel

Mehr panel is another product of Farapayamak which is designed for charity use. This panel has been donated to charities across the country, free of charge, to spread altruistic culture. It also has 999 free SMS messages to start and use.

The Description of The Mehr Panel

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Web-Service & API

By providing a variety of web services and APIs, Farapayamak can easily meet your needs without you entering the SMS panel. With this service you can connect to the system through all Windows and web-based software.

Documentations of SMS Web-Services